The artist behind the brand - Maruša Furlan. A woman, a painter, and a seeker of authentic truth. I am grateful that I found my talent and it is my hands that paint the pictures you are dreaming of and the moments in your life that deserve to be eternal. But this is only today, and it was a long and difficult journey before that.Little Maruša, many years ago, knew everything, it seems. She loved to paint, to create. That was before her childhood courage faltered. My mum still proudly tells stories of the entire village coming to our house to admire the pictures little Maruša was making. But life happened, the child became a girl, and the girl grew into a woman. My passion disappeared, and my head did not know exactly what to do professionally. But my heart knew it wanted to help both people and nature, ..and somehow wanted to connect them both. So that is what I did, even if in the process I forgot about my paintbrush for a few years.

Something kept nudging me back to art, though, so I went to study and completed my MA in Comparative Literature. I enjoyed writing but somehow that was not meant to be. I kept writing literary reviews for a while, but since they would not pay my rent and I could not find a job in my field of expertise, I took a random admin job. It seemed like the only sensible solution at the time even if it tore me up inside. So, day after day I returned to the same desk doing the same thing as the day before and kept my little art projects to myself. I did not see how they could create income or be of interest to anybody other than myself. The mundane job was simply draining to me and the person I was turning into was not one I had dreamed of becoming. I had to do something. I was desperately looking for a way out. I entertained the thought of entrepreneurship for a while but was not courageous enough for what seemed like such a big leap. As I was looking for a way out of mundane reality, my artistic soul started to create a whole new world inside my living room. I started collecting exotic plants and they slowly began to cover nearly every inch of space in my apartment. The plants became mygreen oasis and my safe haven. And found other plant lovers through Facebook groups that connected like-minded spirits across the world. Just as it seemed things were finally getting better, however, everything fell apart again. A part of my safe haven crashed. My relationship of 10 years crumbled and after the breakup, I was all alone again. Left without any funds and having lost touch with my goals, I realised just how deeply I lost myself. I was shocked to discover that the little creative and vibrant Maruša in me now seemed so far away. And so, I set myself on a path of finding out where she'd gone. Even more importantly, I set myself on a path of finding out who that little girl really was. Who I really was. And so, one evening, it happened.


I was scrolling through my feed after another tiring day and a picture of Caladium appeared in front of me. There was something about that image of the plant calling for me. I grabbed the closest pencil and started drawing. I kept drawing fervently, unable to stop. After I was done and without thinking, I posted the drawing into the group where I saw the Caladium. And it blew up. I was surprised not only by the number of likes and comments but especially by the number of people asking where they could get the print. I gifted the original, but it didn’t stop there – people kept sending me messages with inquiries. So, I allowed that little girl in me to wake up and pick up the brush once more. She never put it down again. I started my artistic career painting plant portraits - and when people asked me to add the image of their furry friends onto the paintings, I listened. I always allowed my clients to guide me, to challenge me and they helped me develop my skills. My skills kept growing as did my courage, and people noticed that. There was a steady flow of orders and the demand kept increasing. It made my heart sing. And just like that – it hit me! That was what I was supposed to do. I found my calling. I just had to paint. I realised I could not only follow my calling, but my paintings could also help me make a living. I started on the road of becoming an artist and an entrepreneur. So that, even if still a little wary and unsure, is what I became. Plantelish was born. I enjoy using my artistic talents to help clients go from a vision of a desired painting to owning a unique custom-made art. Your vision brought to life on paper. And not only paper. I recently started to collaborate with various local artists who produce quality handbags, shirts and notebooks. We also offer the option of adding custom-made illustrations on all of those items. All of my paintings are custom-made and based on what the client envisions. After you place your order, we discuss what kind of painting you would like, what to include and only then I start painting. When the painting is mostly done, I share the first version with the client, so thatwe can make any desired alterations. Once you are satisfied with the painting, I make sure it is packed safely and send it over to you. It is an honor to be able to serve people in this way and listen to their stories. I truly enjoy giving shape to the moments my clients treasure the most. I let the water and color of aquarelle capture my client's special moments and adorn them with the beauty of plants that started it all. Together, we can create the perfect painting for their new frame. I am grateful that I took that chance and created what I would today proudly show the little Maruša. That little girl who paraded with her paintings all around the village.I am grateful that my clients' visions have given me the opportunity to become who I was meant to be ..and that I have the opportunity to grow further with you, my dear clients, leading the way. Supporting my determination to never let the artist in me fade again. And helping the dreams of the little child from the small country of Slovenia to come true.

Do you have a moment you don’t want to forget or just a wall you would like to fill with my illustrations? Contact me at info@plantelish.com for a custom-made painting.


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The artist who loves walking on the edge


These plants are so self-evident to us, but through artistic expression they are felt in a different way.


It was something new! Innovative. Not many people in the world paint houseplants and related motifs!!!


Plantelish is imbued with love for greenery, nature, indoor plants and their cultivation in a respectful way. The owner strives to be eco-friendly and rational in her work.


On numerous occasions, I have joined creative powers with similar-minded entrepreneurs and artists. One of the collaborations that proved to be especially fruitful was the collaboration with Popikoki - we joined forces to design and send out into the world a unique bag with a trendy monstera plant motif. Another passion project of mine revolves around book illustrations. I have created the cover for a book about burnout entitled “Hold Your Horses” (slo.: Ustavi konje) by N. Rebec Lukšič. I am also proud to say I am the author of illustrations for an upcoming book written by a Slovenian author to be published soon. My customers and audience are quite international - I sell my illustrations all over the world, from United States of America and Canada to Australia and the United Kingdom. You can also find my works in some Slovenian and American stores.

I am looking forward to your inquiry.


We designed a unique bag with the trendy Monstera Deliciosa motif in collaboration with Popikoki.


My illustration was used to decorate the book cover of N. Rebec Lukšič, which has already been published. 


The American company PARK PLACE PLANTS purchased the licence to reproduce my illustrations.