A website and online store featuring mainly original products and custom images.
Company name: PLANTELISH, Ilustracije, Maruša Furlan s.p. (serial number of main activity: 90,030)
Company headquarters: Kovorska cesta 45, 4290 Tržič
Transaction account: SI56 0700 000 3625 853, opened at Gorenjska banka
Registration number: 8803242000
Tax number: 97756431

All packages are sent via registered mail through Pošta Slovenije. We reserve the right to choose the delivery service.

If you buy products worth more than €200.00, you will not have to pay for shipping because we will send your package to you for free.

DELIVERY PRICE: €12 international shipping costs.
Shipping costs vary depending on the destination, type, and quantity of products. After the order is completed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number.
The delivery price covers the cost of mailing, packing, and packaging.
For example, the price of international shipping for a watercolour painting with standard dimensions is €12.00 (Europe and other countries). The price varies based on the product’s weight (the final shipping price is indicated when selecting the product). 

The delivery time may vary depending on the type of product and the destination of the delivery. For products available in the online store, the delivery period begins the day payment is received. You will receive a tracking number once the item has been shipped, and from that point on, it will be delivered by the Pošta Slovenije delivery service within 3 days, at the latest, in Slovenia. For international deliveries, it depends on the foreign post.

Instructions for ordering a custom image and FAQ
Take a good look at the examples before deciding to order a custom painting, because this is a painting that is drawn and painted in a distinct style. As a result, only the most common features are highlighted in people who are painted or drawn in the style of personalised illustration, such as their eye colour, brow shape, nose, face, hairstyle and hair colour, physique, etc.
Since this is NOT a realistic portrait, the illustrations are not drawn in a realistic style either; only similarities are highlighted. Order only if you like the style and agree with what is written above.
Please do not order if you are not 100 % certain that you like this style of personalised illustration. Pet portraits, however, are drawn in a pretty realistic style.
You can choose the plants, which I then draw in the picture. For all custom images, you can select your own plants.

To order, you will need a photo or several photos (if you have several people in one illustration and don’t have a photo of them all together). The photo doesn’t have to be taken in a professional photo studio; it can be taken by you or even be a “selfie.” 
In principle, almost anything can be used. The photo’s quality must be satisfactory, or the most significant features must be clearly visible. Because it is difficult to tell the colour of the eyes and hair from a photograph, write it separately in the notes.
If desired, the clothes and position on the illustration can be adjusted, and any desired objects can be added (for an extra charge). You can select your own plants.

Captions on illustrations
If you do not want a caption on your illustration, it is not required. It can be added above or below the illustration and be any length. The inscription is added completely free of charge and is not subject to any additional fees.

Illustration corrections
Please keep in mind that the illustration is painted in watercolour on paper first, then borders are added. These cannot be erased or modified. Once the illustration is complete, changes can no longer be made. The colours are the only thing that can be minimally corrected. These patches are, however, only available in a limited number, so if you already have some in mind, please let us know as soon as possible, as only three are free of charge. Any additional corrections will result in a higher price.

Is it possible to view a sketch in the middle of the drawing process? 
No, it is not.

How so?
Because the painting is being constructed and is an ongoing process. Initially, only borders and a basic shape are drawn. The image in the middle of the process does not resemble the final product in the slightest, so the customer could be misled. However, the finished product is presented to you prior to printing.

Image preview and confirmation
I always send the product for preview before mailing it to check for minor (colour) corrections and possible text errors. After you confirm, the image is mailed to you as soon as possible.

Can you pay with cash upon delivery?
No, sadly, that is not an option. Not only because the illustration is a custom-made product that goes into production only after the preliminary invoice has been settled, but also because the company is not VAT-liable and there are no cash transactions, only TRR and Paypal transactions.

Where or how can you make a payment?
You can either fill out the UPN form at any post office or bank, or you can pay for the order using online banking. Currently, a preliminary invoice is the only way to make a payment using a transaction account. International payment is possible via Paypal services.

Is it possible to file a later complaint and receive a refund?
Unfortunately, no, because this is a personalised product that has taken many hours of hard work and effort, and in such a case, also wasted materials. The only exception is if the illustration arrives in a damaged package (was destroyed during delivery). In this case, we will send you a replacement product after receiving a photograph of the damaged package (along with a damaged illustration). Refunds are not available.

Deletion of information related to the order, the customer and the photos used to create customised illustrations
After the order has been completed, the customer’s data (name, last name, address, and email), the order’s data (data for the order and the order’s creation), and the photos used for the potential creation of customised illustrations are permanently deleted. All messages regarding the creation of the order (including Facebook and Instagram messages as well as email) are also deleted.

The customer can be a natural or legal person. The order is placed by sending a private message to PLANTELISH’s Facebook page or personal profile, visiting our online store at, or submitting an email to
Personal data for shipping is required when placing an order: first and last name, address, and email, as well as order information, because the products are personalised and thus tailored to each customer individually. The personalization of products occurs in accordance with the proposal; upon agreement between the customer and the contractor, a product can be created that is completely tailored to the customer, and the price of the individual product or service is adjusted accordingly. Because we do not do business in cash, a pre-invoice payment is required when ordering, and the product is manufactured and shipped after payment is received. When a customer places an order, he receives an order confirmation email with transfer instructions. The customer also receives an original invoice along with the product they ordered via mail.

The customer can pay for the products in one of the following ways:
Payment via direct bank transaction
We do not do business in cash, so the customer settles the order via pre-invoice or PayPal services. The customer receives the order details and order confirmation via PayPal or their email address. The item will be shipped immediately after payment is received or within three working days.

The published prices are the ones that are in effect on the day of the order. They do not include VAT because we are not taxable. All prices are listed in euros. When ordering larger quantities of a product, the customer and provider can agree on a quantity discount. The provider reserves the right to change prices at any time and without prior notice. The price that was agreed upon between the customer and the provider at the time of the order or the price that was in effect at the time the order was placed shall apply if prices change throughout the course of the order.

When ordering more than 10 products, a quantity discount may be considered, specifically by agreement with each customer separately and the request made by them. In this case, the customer can receive a 10% discount or a discount per agreement if ordering a much larger quantity. If a customer purchases fewer than 10 products, there is no quantity discount available; instead, they get free shipping.

The customer has the right to return the products if they notify the provider within 15 days of receiving them that they are withdrawing from the contract, and they must return the received products no later than 30 days after the notification of withdrawal from the contract. The return of the products within the first 15 days is considered a notice of contract termination. All expenses connected with the return of the products are covered by the customer. Products that are being returned must be in their original packaging, unused, and undamaged. They must also be accompanied by a copy of the invoice, information regarding where the provider should refund the paid purchase price to (transaction invoice), and the company’s signature or stamp (if it is a legal entity). The provider is not obligated to accept ransomware or shipments that do not comply with these business conditions. The provider refunds the paid purchase price to the customer within 30 days of receipt if the shipment meets the general conditions. In the case of personalised products, refunds are not possible. According to ZVPot’s Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, “The consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract from the first paragraph of this article for these contracts: for goods that are manufactured according to the consumer’s exact instructions and adapted to his personal needs.” In the event of a complaint, please contact us via email at

Each customer must give their consent to the method and style of the image before placing an order, and they are informed prior to doing so. Because creating the image requires 2 to 3 hours of active work, refunds are not available. Agreements on minor corrections are possible, but there are NO refunds.

The provider undertakes to permanently protect all personal data, which will be used exclusively for sending offers, estimates, invoices, products, informational material, and order status notifications and will not be shared with third parties or used for advertising purposes (such as email marketing). We do not use email advertising.

After the order has been completed, the customer’s data (name, last name, address, and email), the order’s data (data for the order and the order’s creation), and the photos used for the potential creation of customised illustrations are permanently deleted. All messages regarding the creation of the order (including Facebook and Instagram messages as well as email) are also deleted.
The personal information you provide when placing an order or filling out the contact form is strictly confidential.
The company Plantelish, Maruša Furlan s.p., guarantees that the personal information provided will be protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. GDPR compliance has been ensured. All information provided will be handled in strict confidence and used only for the stated purpose.

Your data is protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an advanced internet security system. By approving the order, you agree to the company Plantelish, Maruša Furlan s.p., establishing, managing, maintaining, and managing your personal data while also ensuring the protection of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the RS No. 59/99, 57/01).
In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), the administrator of the website and online shop is obligated to safeguard the personal data of its users. The administrator concurs to protect all user personal data indefinitely. The administrator stores the anonymized IP addresses of all visitors to the website for two years. IP addresses used to access the website are collected for security reasons. Each user is assigned a session cookie at the start of the visit for identification and tracking of the shopping basket. The online store may also store some permanent cookies on the customer’s computer, such as the user’s identification number in encrypted form (for recognition on the next visit) and four cookies from the Google Analytics system (analysis of website visits).
Personal data of subscribers will not be disclosed to unauthorised parties under any circumstances, except when required by law or when necessary for the protection and realisation of legal interests in proceedings before courts and other state authorities.

Your personal data, including your name, last name, mailing address, and email, is necessary for the correct processing of your order, its delivery, and informing you of the order’s placement. Only the user’s delivery address will be provided to the delivery service (e.g., Pošta Slovenije).
Because we do not engage in e-mail marketing or e-newsletter distribution, we will only use your information to notify you of the status of your previously placed order, as stated above.
Deletion of information related to the order, the customer and the photos used to create customised illustrations.
After the order has been completed, the customer’s data (name, last name, address, and email), the order’s data (data for the order and the order’s creation), and the photos used for the potential creation of customised illustrations are permanently deleted. All messages regarding the creation of the order (including Facebook and Instagram messages as well as email) are also deleted.

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